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  • The Money Master

    What does it take to make sure our businesses have the financial flexibility they need to keep doing what they do best? Watch SVP Treasurer David Shaw talk about building a lasting foundation for our businesses – and for his family.

    The Business Builder

    How do you create a profitable market from scratch in a country where customers believe all information should be free? Hear how Managing Director China for Healthcare & Science David Liu has built that business from zero, and is achieving his dream of building a better life for the Chinese people.

    The Persistent Problem-Solver

    What can a PhD learn from coaching his kids with their homework? Watch Research & Development VP of Research Khalid Al-Kofahi talk about the technology challenges he solves – and how the inspiration for finding the answers often lies very close to home.

    The Values Victor

    How can 54,000 people spread across every global time zone work toward a common goal? Watch Global Head of HR Operations and Integration Mark Sandham discuss how our shared values help us shape the world through what we deliver to our customers.

    The In-House Innovator

    What’s it like to be a full-time problem solver? Watch Tax & Accounting SVP of Global Consulting Charlotte Rushton describe her team’s unique role in our company and how they’re helping our business grow on a global scale.

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