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  • Poland

    Launch your career in a multinational setting offering diversity and opportunity.

    Our fast-growing Gdynia location specializes in turning global financial data into concise English for our customers. We hire data analysts to focus on Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We also offer positions in front-line support for clients and finding financial risk management solutions.

    We hire employees from all over the world, including Europe, Africa, South America and Australia. If you speak English and one other language (Polish not necessary), and have a degree in Finance or Economics, you could start your career with us in Gdynia. We provide the training you need to contribute in your new role and offer an attractive career path within our company.

    Many of our employees move to Gdynia for this job, so we tend to gather together for social activities and community projects. On-site, you can learn a new language in classes led by coworkers (over 30 languages spoken here). Join the Green Team to participate in environmental projects. Or possibly even travel to another Thomson Reuters location as part of an international exchange program.

    Our Poland Operational Center received a second place award in the Great Place to Work Poland Award, for companies employing 500+ people. The ranking was based on our employee survey results for Poland, as well as an audit of our culture.,

    Consider a career with Thomson Reuters in Gydnia. A friendly working environment located in the city voted “the place to live in Poland.”

  • Employee Stories



    Gdynia, Poland

    Managing the message

    I indirectly manage over 150 people. The size of the team requires taking a broad approach and dealing with multiple issues of a different kind on a daily basis. I serve as a “buffer” between senior decision makers and first line managers and I need to secure the link between the two so that business benefits from it.

    A dynamic workplace

    What I like about my job is its dynamics. I am never bored and

    I can constantly learn through different situations that I face every day.

    People in the office are vibrant and ambitious.

    Building skills

    I designed and implemented the Team Leaders Exchange Program which has been running across several teams for two years now. It helps team leaders enhance their management capabilities through running a team in a different location.



    Gdynia, Poland

    Diversity of experience

    I have been with Thomson Reuters in Gdynia for nearly five years. During this time, I moved across three different teams, gaining diverse experience and holding positions of increasing responsibility. Now as a team leader, I try to bring fresh spirit to the role and my team.

    Improving customer satisfaction

    As an active member of the customer satisfaction team at the Gdynia site, I organize activities such as Customer Perspective Workshops and the Job Sharing Program. Being part of the Customer Satisfaction Program, a very powerful and active work stream here, has been quite satisfying.

    Our work resulted in an increase in customer orientation in the Gdynia site by 9 percent in one year.

    A progressive atmosphere

    I like the international environment at Thomson Reuters and that I can express my views. People are very tolerant and open. With the diversity of tasks available, I see unlimited opportunities to grow and develop. In turn, I can provide support to the people I manage and help them to develop.



    Gdynia, Poland

    A fast pace

    My professional career began as an office clerk with the state's football association and I worked there for two years. After that, I joined Thomson Reuters.

    I started here as a data analyst and received quick promotions to the next levels -- seven months in each role. I am currently a team leader where I feel there are unlimited possibilities to create and shape the environment. I try to anticipate client questions and address them before they are asked. Most of the queries for my team are rated "excellent."

    Cross-cultural experience

    I was selected as the first person to go for a three-month exchange from Gdynia to Bangalore. I had the chance to experience a different culture and methods of work.

    I took away some new ideas and I shared some Gdynia solutions with the Bangalore site as well.

    Building the brand

    I am proud to work for such a recognizable brand. I founded the Thomson Reuters Cycling Team in Gdynia, to promote our brand in cycling races throughout the area.

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