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  • India

    We have a major presence in India with operations spread throughout Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai & Delhi. Across these locations, we cover most aspects of business at Thomson Reuters, including the financial, media, legal, tax and accounting and science fields. So there's opportunity to learn new things, advance your career and explore our businesses through a global lens.

    Spread across six buildings, our Bangalore office covers a wide range of functions, including technology, sales and customer support. With around 6,000 staff, Bangalore is the second-largest Thomson Reuters site globally, but we're small compared to other employers in the area. In fact, it’s because of our relatively small size that people come and stay with us because they can see the difference they make to the organization. It's not just about doing business, it's about the camaraderie among colleagues and the way we're positioned for long-term growth; individually and as a company. That’s why 94% of employees in Bangalore tell us they are highly engaged with our business, the highest proportion of any of our offices globally.

    Our diverse organization allows us to thrive in a range of market climates by redeploying our staff across a variety of responsibilities. Even during the downturn, we held on to staff, even increasing our headcount. We encourage openness in our culture, with employees at all levels playing a pivotal role in our success.

    In partnership with Enable India  and in other ways too, we have been at the forefront of working with people with disabilities in India. Our community involvement extends to a nationwide organization focused on promoting the employment, rehabilitation and training of people with disabilities. A group of local employees have done extraordinary work in raising awareness of this vast talent pool, both within our own business and in India more widely.

    We have a Community Service Volunteering Program (CSP) which is very popular and runs approximately 200 projects annually through partnerships with over 25 Non-Profit Organizations. Since the program kicked off we’ve provided volunteering opportunities to over 2,500 of our employees focused on improving local healthcare, education and employment skills to name just a few. We’ve received great feedback from our volunteers who are thrilled to have the opportunity to help make a difference within their community. This program along with our company-wide policy providing for an annual paid day of volunteer work supports our desire to make an impact both inside and outside of the workplace helping shape outcomes that matter to us all.

  • Employee Stories


    Bangalore, India

    Learning more, moving up

    I joined Thomson Reuters in 2004 after earning my MBA. I started out as a corporate actions data analyst which helped me learn about the company, products and the business. From there, I worked my way up through several positions.

    In my current role as content manager, I manage and drive the Corporate Actions content strategy deliverables. I also work with the business and sales area to understand the client requirements and translate needs into a comprehensive content road map.

    Diverse interactions

    My role requires working with various groups in the organization including Data Operations, content specialists, Project Management, Development, product owners, and Sales and Business divisions. I closely work with these groups to ensure there is a continuous process and content enhancements.

    My biggest challenge is to ensure that the data delivered to clients is timely and of good quality.

    Recognition for achievement

    Thomson Reuters rewards outstanding performance. I received the CEO award in 2007 for the best overall performance and in 2009 I received the CEO Ship It award for the biggest deal for Corporate Actions.


    Hyderabad, India

    Bringing experience to a new role

    I joined Thomson Reuters with over 10 years of experience, the majority of my career spent as a management consultant for IBM. Once on board at Thomson Reuters, I was fortunate to immediately contribute on major projects.

    A pivotal role

    Although quite new to the organization, I was heavily involved in establishing a new Operations Center in Hyderabad in 2006. I organized the leadership team, key resources and physical infrastructure required for the center.

    My team and I support our operations across the globe from our centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore. This requires the teams in India to fully understand how our operations work across the globe, understand the business requirements for a diverse set of operations and support them effectively. This is a big challenge for our teams on a day-to-day basis, but also an exciting opportunity.

    Performance pays

    I have complete freedom to perform my job, but I am also held fully accountable for my results.

    I enjoy this balanced freedom. I also like that Thomson Reuters is a true meritocracy -- performance is the primary driver for recognition and career advancement. I think Thomson Reuters does this better than most companies, and I greatly admire this.



    Bangalore, India

    Asking questions leads to answers

    I started at Thomson Reuters as a market analyst and have worked my way to increasing responsibility with hard work and a positive attitude. I initially was trained on small Asian markets like Pakistan and Sri Lanka and later managed bigger markets like Malaysia and Singapore. I am very inquisitive which helped me build my knowledge base and develop expertise.

    I led a Six Sigma Green Belt project for six English-speaking Asian markets to improve delivery from end of day to one hour. The project brought huge changes in terms of shifts, resource allocation, process re-engineering and efficiency.

    In my current role, I interact with clients to understand their requirements and how they use our content. It’s a challenge to make sure the client is always satisfied.

    Managing people to achieve goals

    Now as a team leader, the biggest challenge has been managing the expectations of team members. Every person is unique and needs to be managed as an individual. We must also deliver quality at all times. It is impossible to eliminate all human error, but

    we continually seek out new quality controls and checklists to improve our team performance.

    The hunger to grow

    For those of you with a desire to advance in your profession, here are some things I found helpful in my various positions at Thomson Reuters:

    • Work hard when you are starting out and work smarter as you gain experience.
    • Practice patience and perseverance.
    • Adopt a “never give up” attitude.
    • Be an innovative thinker and an agent for change.



    Bengaluru, India

    Contributing from the start

    In just three years as the head of Human Resources for Thomson Reuters Markets, South Asia, I have experienced major changes, growth and a few crisis situations. Throughout my time here, I have witnessed the ability of our employees in South Asia to make a major contribution to the Thomson Reuters organization.

    Major change, daily challenges

    I managed a complex piece of the integration of Thomson and Reuters, one of the most challenging projects of my entire career. The integration has gone off without a hitch and our employee engagement scores stand at an all time high.

    During this time, I have also managed during crisis situations including the Mumbai terror attacks, and Delhi and Bengaluru blasts. I also support places like Pakistan and Afghanistan which adds complexity to my always changing and challenging job.

    We are now in the midst of ramping up our people resources to grow our business in India. It is an exciting time to be a part of this organization in South Asia.

    Through it all, making a difference

    I have a keen interest in promoting the employment of people with disabilities, and have helped develop successful programs for the company in India.

    Thomson Reuters has won several awards for these programs, including the Shell Helen Keller Award. This work has had a tremendous impact on Thomson Reuters as well as our clients.

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