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  • A Global Mindset Makes a World of Difference

    Join a global team that embraces diverse perspectives and big thinking. With teammates representing more than 110 nationalities located in more than 100 countries, we rely on diversity to succeed, and are developing the tools and habits needed to innovate beyond boundaries on a 21st-century scale. Open minds are a critical business asset—and, to stay agile and keep improving, we’re always looking for like-minded people.

  • What Employees Say


    I’m involved in an initiative to perform research for the future expansion of audit and accounting products into international markets.Cheryl,Executive Editor, Tax & Accounting, Fort Worth, TX, U.S.

    Through my travel blog about my international experiences, I am able to have my own platform where the entire company can see my ideas and thoughts.Chris,Lead Software Test Engineer, Legal, Rochester, NY, U.S.

    It’s a tremendous opportunity to be able to talk with colleagues and subject matter experts from all around the world.Deanna,Manager, Implementation, Tax & Accounting, Raleigh, NC, U.S.

    New assignments and challenging opportunities are available - it's up to each one of us to grasp opportunity and move forward.Divya,Head of First Level Support, Financial & Risk, Bangalore, India

    As part of a three-month Gdynia to Bangalore exchange program, I had the chance to experience a different culture and methods of work, and discuss solutions.Mariusz,Team Leader, Financial & Risk, Gdynia, Poland

    I was asked to create and implement a global training program for our product development organization. Planning and executing the training was a challenge, but well received.Mike,Director - Product and Integration Planning, Financial & Risk, NY, NY U.S.

    We might not be able to change the world, but we have a duty to explain how the world is changing -- and that's exciting.Patrick,Reporter, Media, Mexico City, Mexico

    Our team in India must fully understand how our operations work across the globe. This is a challenge for our teams on a day-to-day basis, but also an exciting opportunity. Pradeep,VP - Global Service Center, Corporate, Hyderabad, India

    My division is embarking on global expansion, and I am collaborating across business units and thinking of innovative ways to meet global challenges.Suneet,Management Associate, Tax & Accounting, New York City, NY, U.S.

    My pictures from the Balkan wars, Iraq, Israel and Palestinian Territories, Congo and Afghanistan, showed the reality of the wars and how they affect public opinion and global business.Goran,Senior Photographer, Media, Cairo, Egypt

    My job gives me the opportunity on a daily basis to interact with many engaged colleagues across the globe. We deliver both strategic and tactical initiatives that move our company forward.Yogen,AVP - Enterprise Content Program Management, Financial & Risk, Bangalore, India

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